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NOELLE'S GIFT by Shannon Emmel 
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Months of therapy go out the window for Noelle when Brad moves back to town. Her super-hot ex has tongues wagging and temperatures rising when he makes his first appearance at the company Christmas party. Everyone is curious about Brad and the rumors surrounding his arrival.

Noelle has all the answers, but can’t say a word without risking exposure of their past and her own dirty little secret to friends and coworkers who have no idea what really makes her tick—a fetish for fur…lots of fur. 

EXCERPT FROM "Noelle's Gift" 

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An Excerpt From: NOELLE’S GIFT

Copyright © SHANNON EMMEL, 2010

All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

When Noelle saw the room, Brad and everything else was momentarily forgotten. She tried to take it all in. The floors were covered in yards of undulating white that gave the illusion of a blanket of new-fallen snow. The cocktail tables, too, were swathed in white and topped with accents of silver and gold. Other seating areas were staged with electric fireplaces decorated with garland, and stockings hung from their mantles.

As she neared one of those seating areas, Noelle’s worst nightmare took hold. In front of every fireplace was a white bearskin rug and across every couch, there was a fur throw. To her utter horror, the white covering nearly everything in sight and giving the impression of snow, was actually fluffy white fur.

That it was all faux fur was irrelevant. The look, the feel and the effect it had on her, was exactly the same. She felt the familiar twinge between her legs begin to build and with it, a sense of panic that one or more of her coworkers would notice and somehow guess her dirty little secret.

She maneuvered through the maze of people and holiday vignettes toward the location of the restrooms, hoping to collect herself before she made her final decision to either try to stick it out, at least for a while, or come up with an excuse to cut and run immediately. She made her way toward a giant Christmas tree, decorated with hundreds of old-fashioned wooden and glass ornaments. A toy train chugged along, winding in between brightly wrapped packages as it circled the base of the tree. Noelle breathed a sigh of relief, knowing it was the last obstacle between her, the hallway leading to the restrooms and a few moments of relative safety.

Her relief was short-lived. She stepped around the tree and ran straight into John Abbott, the company’s CEO, surprisingly dressed for the occasion as Santa Claus.

With the CEO, and dressed in a custom-tailored black velvet, fur trimmed suit of his own, complete with matching Santa hat, was the company’s newest acquisition, Mr. Brad Merriman.

“Noelle,” Mr. Abbott said, with an uncharacteristic twinkle in his eye. “Merry Christmas! Have you been here long?”

“N-no. I just arrived,” Noelle replied. She was willing to bet Brad was behind the over-the-top holiday décor. “Merry Christmas to you too. You’ve certainly outdone yourself with this holiday party. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it.”

“Ha ha, you may as well call it what it is—a Christmas party! I know it’s not exactly politically correct these days, but I haven’t had this much fun in years. And the credit for the idea all goes to this man right here. I’d like you to meet the new president of our advertising division, Brad Merriman. Brad, this is Noelle LeBlanc. She’s your senior V.P. and the top producing member of your team, so I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot of her in the future.”

“I certainly hope so,” Brad said, extending his hand to Noelle.

Noelle took his proffered hand. Her mind barely registered the fact that Mr. Abbot had excused himself to greet other guests, leaving her looking up into blue eyes that never glanced away from hers. It was just as she feared, her pussy pulsed and the old urge to melt into his arms was as strong as ever.

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Touch Me Not by Shannon Emmel  Available through Cerridwen Press:  

Touch Me Not is the story of one of the five women at the heart of 'The Lotus Circle' whose combined talents are required to resurrect the ancient, secret society that once served all of mankind.

 Sadira's journey takes her on a winding path to her higher-self, but teaches her the lessons she needs in order to finally embrace her destiny. Her story is also the only one that takes place BEFORE the five women are brought together.   

In fact, Sadira's story ends as The Lotus Circle begins. Which is NOT to say that we've seen the last of her. She and the other founders of The Lotus Circle will be close at hand, and you never know when or where fate will guide them.




"Shannon Emmel
has created a wonderful story of one woman’s journey from acknowledgement of her own powers to acceptance of its role in her life. Monty’s full realization that her friends and being true to herself far outweigh the opinions of others is her greatest task in this story. I thoroughly enjoyed the sense of wonder and awe the main character experienced when she opened her eyes to see the spiritual at work in her own life and in the world around her. I also enjoyed seeing her mind open to her talents, talents that far surpass simple aura readings. Touch Me Not is a fabulously engaging, thought provoking and entertaining read."

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  Night Owl Romance!   


Savvy talk-show host Montgomery Jones has it all! Fame, fortune and fabulous friends. With this year’s Emmy win almost guaranteed and a business empire extending far beyond her television show, she thinks she can finally put the painful lessons of her childhood—of Sadira Montgomery’s childhood—behind her. But Fate thinks she still has a lot to learn. Something is missing in her life…a willingness to accept her healing gifts and fulfill her true destiny as a descendant of The Lotus Circle.

Dr. Luke White Eagle’s Native American roots run deep and healers run in his family, so no one understands heritage, or the burden of certain talents, better than he does. He can help Sadira reconcile her past and embrace her future. What he can’t do is write a prescription for trust.

The Wheel of Fate is in motion and soon events will force Sadira to either accept the gifts she has long denied, or bring unbearable pain and suffering to those she loves.

The choice and the power are just a touch away…    


About the Author

South Florida resident, Shannon Emmel, prefers Rottweilers to Pomeranians and SUV’s to sports cars but admits to owning all of them at one time or another. Her closet has full length beaded gowns hanging right next to faded jeans and shiny red stilettos sitting along-side hiking boots, so don’t be surprised to see her in the grocery store in any or all of the above.

She often wonders if she is eclectic, eccentric or simply suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder! (There are drugs for that, right?)

Shannon has been an avid reader since childhood and her tastes run the full gambit from classic literature and poetry to science fiction, fantasy and anything supernatural. Consequently, you might find her reading Shakespeare one day, and reading Tarot Cards the next.

She began writing in college at the suggestion of her literature professor and quickly realized that writing was a creative outlet that allowed her to let both her imagination and her passionate nature run wild. It also provided the perfect venue for exploring things and places that cannot be explained by logic or science.

For Shannon, it’s a world of endless possibilities…where the writer makes the rules and where anything can happen as long as “The Muses” are willing. Her Muses seem to work overtime and at this point in her life, she says, “I’m an author because I must write. This is my life. This is who I am…this is what brings me joy. If what I do gives pleasure to others or lets them escape from their world into mine for a little while, then I know I’m on the right path.”

Shannon loves to hear from her readers and you can contact her by email at, or find her on the web at:


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