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RT 2009 - Orlando, FL

Author, Barry Eisler with bookseller, Judy Dewit

Shannon Emmel with Beth Ciotta

Doing Tarot readings  for charity at Heather Graham's annual "Vampire's Ball".  Donations went to the Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

Cindy Holby aka: Colby Hodge

Heather Graham & Sally Schoenwiess

RT 2008-  Pittsburgh, PA

It was the 25th Anniversary of the RT Booklover's Convention and consequently,  the biggest names in the industry were there in force. 

Romance's most famous cover models, including John DeSalvoand FABIO were there to help RT celebrate the convention's Silver Anniversary. 


The Annual Reviewer's Choice Awards were AMAZING because the true PIONEERS OF ROMANCE, those who have been writing since the mass marketing of romance novels began in the late 60's & early 70's, were in attendance and recognized for thier many contributions to the industry.

Some but not all of the legendary authors in attendance were Bertrice Small, Roberta Gellis, Leigh Greenwood, Jennifer Blake and of course, Heather Graham.


The theme for my publisher's party was "Hollywood's Golden Era" and this photo was taken right before the event.

(BTW -  you can click on the photo and see the video of my "Red Carpet Entrance


RT 2008 IN PITTSBURGH was BLAST as always, but having my first official booksigning made it  even more fun for me.

The bookfair was a tremendous success for me on so many levels...

1)  I made a wonderful new friend (and found a 'kindred spirit') in my Bookfair table-mate, author, Anne Elizabeth ( RRRRRRRock!)


2)  My books SOLD OUT...which I was very pleased about since I am a new author and I was only one of over 200 authors participating in the event that day.


3)  I was interviewed at the bookfair and found out that the videographer, Paige, was a fan!!!    AGAIN...How cool is that?!!!


4)    The owner of 'Night Owl Romance' who filmed the 'Red Carpet Walk', Tammi King & interviewed me at the EC kick-off party during coverage of the convention.

Here's more RT 2008 photos...

Anne Elizabeth & Agent, Mriam Kriss

"Brooks" with author, Gail DeYoung

Judth Rochelle, aka Desiree Holt, with Marilyn Campbell

Shannon with John Fish

Author, Marjorie Liu

Heather Graham... REALLY wiggin' out!!!

Gail DeYoung, Mark Johnson & Marilyn Campbell

Gail DeYoung

Ellen Wulf, Gail DeYoung, Marilyn Campbell, Kate Ryan & Me, Shannon Emmel... Tiptoe-ing through the Tulips in  Pittsburgh, PA!

Ya GOTTA be kidding!!!!!

L. Marie & Adrian Paul.

L. Marie & Me!!!

Tawny Taylor... Dressed for the  Under Sea Faerie Ball!

Lady Vamps at the Vampire's Ball...

RT  2007 - Ellora's Cave Moulon Rouge Party...

Author, Tawny Taylor, in costume


Heather Graham's Vampires of the Wild West Party!

Rich Devin, Heather Graham & Lance Taubold

Clockwise from top left: Rich, Heather Graham, Lance ; "The Whole Clan", Chynna & Shayne; Dennis & Joie; Bree & Chynna; Beth & Shayne; Chynna, Lance & Heather; Jason & Stacey; Shannon & Shayne

Beware Vamps! It looks like a Dorchester STAKE OUT!!  

Special thanks to
Marianne Mancusi for filling in the names!

Above L-R: Serena Robar, Marianne Mancusi, Chris Keeslar, Caridad Ferrer, Alesia Holiday

Shannon Emmel & Shayne Pozzessere

NY Times Best Selling Author, Heather Graham, Dennis Pozzessere & Joie Del Rio

BryeeAnnon & Chynna Pozzessere

Jes-Zesseni-Jesenia...(Oh never mind, I can't spell it!)             (L) Mrs.Derek Pozzzessere &                RT Publisher, Carol Stacey

Mark Johnson, Shannon Emmel & Terry Terranova in Houston at the 2007 RT Booklover's Convention

Pegg McMillian & Virginia HenleyRT veterean Peggy McMillian &  author, Virginia Henley

Mark Johnson & author Joie Del Rio


 Pix from Dorchester's Immortals Party...

Diane Stacy & Jade Lee

BryeeAnnon Pozzessere & Shannon Emmel

Joie Del Rio & Marilyn Campbell (AKA: the Mother-Daughter writing team of Campbell Del Rio!)

Author, Joy Nash & Dorchester Editor, Leah Hultenschmidt

Linda McLaughlin (aka: Lyndi Lamont) & Dorchester Sr. Editor, Chris Keeslar

Former Mr. Romance (& Current Christian Rock Recording Artist!) Mark Johnson sharing a laugh with RT Founder, Kathryn Falk

Authors Marilyn Campbell & Gail DeYoung

Author, Lise Fuller & husband.

Far Right -  Rowena Cherry (I'll take the names of everyone else if you know them!)

...and then there were BOOKS!!!


Joie Del Rio & Marilyn Campbell (AKA: the Mother-Daughter writing team of Campbell Del Rio!)

Dorchester Sr. Editor, Chris Keeslar & author, Joy Nash

... and then there were the CROWDS!

NY Times Best Selling Author, Virginia Henley

Author Tina Wainscott & RT Staffer, Kevin Beard

NY Times Best Selling Author, Charlaine  Harris. The HBO Series, "TrueBlood"  is based on her Sookie Stackhouse novels

NY Times Best Selling Author, Brenda Joyce

Author, Jennifer Ashley

Author, Cheyenne McCray

NY Times Best Selling Author, Bobbi Smith

Jade Lee

NY Times Best Selling Author, Nina Bangs

Author, Jeff Buick

Author, Jim Butcher(Left) SciFi Channel's "Dresden Files" was based on his books! , Also pictured  singer, Lance Taubold (center) & Jim's wife, author, Shannon Butcher (right),

Joie Del Rio & Marilyn Campbell (AKA: the Mother-Daughter writing team of Campbell Del Rio!)