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Months of therapy go out the window for Noelle when Brad moves back to town. Her super-hot ex has tongues wagging and temperatures rising when he makes his first appearance at the company Christmas party. Everyone is curious about Brad and the rumors surrounding his arrival.

Noelle has all the answers, but can’t say a word without risking exposure of their past and her own dirty little secret to friends and coworkers who have no idea what really makes her tick—a fetish for fur…lots of fur. 


EXCERPT FROM "Noelle's Gift" 

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An Excerpt From: NOELLE’S GIFT

Copyright © SHANNON EMMEL, 2010

All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

When Noelle saw the room, Brad and everything else was momentarily forgotten. She tried to take it all in. The floors were covered in yards of undulating white that gave the illusion of a blanket of new-fallen snow. The cocktail tables, too, were swathed in white and topped with accents of silver and gold. Other seating areas were staged with electric fireplaces decorated with garland, and stockings hung from their mantles.

As she neared one of those seating areas, Noelle’s worst nightmare took hold. In front of every fireplace was a white bearskin rug and across every couch, there was a fur throw. To her utter horror, the white covering nearly everything in sight and giving the impression of snow, was actually fluffy white fur.

That it was all faux fur was irrelevant. The look, the feel and the effect it had on her, was exactly the same. She felt the familiar twinge between her legs begin to build and with it, a sense of panic that one or more of her coworkers would notice and somehow guess her dirty little secret.

She maneuvered through the maze of people and holiday vignettes toward the location of the restrooms, hoping to collect herself before she made her final decision to either try to stick it out, at least for a while, or come up with an excuse to cut and run immediately. She made her way toward a giant Christmas tree, decorated with hundreds of old-fashioned wooden and glass ornaments. A toy train chugged along, winding in between brightly wrapped packages as it circled the base of the tree. Noelle breathed a sigh of relief, knowing it was the last obstacle between her, the hallway leading to the restrooms and a few moments of relative safety.

Her relief was short-lived. She stepped around the tree and ran straight into John Abbott, the company’s CEO, surprisingly dressed for the occasion as Santa Claus.

With the CEO, and dressed in a custom-tailored black velvet, fur trimmed suit of his own, complete with matching Santa hat, was the company’s newest acquisition, Mr. Brad Merriman.

“Noelle,” Mr. Abbott said, with an uncharacteristic twinkle in his eye. “Merry Christmas! Have you been here long?”

“N-no. I just arrived,” Noelle replied. She was willing to bet Brad was behind the over-the-top holiday décor. “Merry Christmas to you too. You’ve certainly outdone yourself with this holiday party. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it.”

“Ha ha, you may as well call it what it is—a Christmas party! I know it’s not exactly politically correct these days, but I haven’t had this much fun in years. And the credit for the idea all goes to this man right here. I’d like you to meet the new president of our advertising division, Brad Merriman. Brad, this is Noelle LeBlanc. She’s your senior V.P. and the top producing member of your team, so I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot of her in the future.”

“I certainly hope so,” Brad said, extending his hand to Noelle.

Noelle took his proffered hand. Her mind barely registered the fact that Mr. Abbot had excused himself to greet other guests, leaving her looking up into blue eyes that never glanced away from hers. It was just as she feared, her pussy pulsed and the old urge to melt into his arms was as strong as ever.

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EXCERPT from  Touch Me Not by Shannon Emmel

   Hesitantly, Sadira held the apple out to Lenny, who didn’t hesitate at all. She smiled as the mule quickly gobbled the treat and searched for more. Sadira patted his neck then turned to Luke.

   “Well, I guess I’d better follow you to the barn, so you can show me what needs to be done and where everything is. If you have the time I mean. I’m sorry to impose but Gran’s little list of chores is starting to seem a lot more complicated than I thought it would be. I’d hate to have to face Gran and tell her I accidentally fed the chickens rat poison or something.”

   “I don’t think you have to worry about doing anything like that,” Luke said, smiling.

   Luke’s tight aura showed the slightest hint of pink at his last comment, which Sadira took as a compliment. She was about to congratulate herself on at least not appearing completely incapable of taking care of things, then Luke continued.

   “Ellie doesn’t use rat poison. She has cats to take care of the rats, so there’s no need to keep it around. Let’s get a move on it,” he said, turning and heading for the barn.

   “Oh.” She hurried to catch up with him. “Wait. What rats?”

   “The ones that tend to hang around when you keep feed in a barn.”

   “Uh…can’t we just get rid of the feed?”

   “Not as long as Ellie keeps taking in homeless animals. How do you think she ended up with Lenny and Jack?”

   “I guess that’s a no on the feed idea then,” Sadira said as they entered the barn.

   “Don’t worry about it. Like I said, the barn cats keep it from being a problem out here and Number Five keeps them away from the house. The hawks and coyotes do a pretty good job of controlling the general population anyway. It’s when there are people around, even good ones like Ellie, that rats, weasels and other rodents have a tendency to come sniffing for food. Speaking of which, those two big metal barrels have the sweet feed and oats for Lenny and Jack. The middle one is food for these cats, but Five’s got his own under Ellie’s kitchen sink. The smaller barrel there is chicken feed. The scoops are in all of them and Ellie wrote down who gets how much.”

   “Oh good.” Sadira looked around the inside of the barn and noticed several cats lounging about. “So now I have cats, plural, mules, rats, weasels, hawks and coyotes to deal with. Anything else Gran forgot to mention?”

   “I expect there was quite a bit Ellie forgot to mention.”

   As Sadira watched Luke climb the ladder to the hayloft, she also studied his aura, which hadn’t relaxed or expanded since she first met him. It made it virtually impossible for her to see it and therefore read it, and she found herself feeling just slightly off balance because of it.

   The reality was that Sadira saw a person’s aura before she ever noticed what he or she actually looked like. It was her personal polygraph/barometer to know at a glance what was fact, what was fiction and what emotional direction a person was coming from. It was also how she determined what people really thought of her. She was so accustomed to using her gift to know how to deal with people in her everyday life that not being able to do it with Luke really had her puzzled.

   In his case, Sadira had never seen an aura pulled so snugly against the outline of anyone’s body. She wondered if he, like Antonella, might just be an anomaly.

   She was still staring intently at Luke’s posterior, the only view available, when he paused on the top rung and looked down. When he spoke, she was mortified.

   “You seem to be enjoying the view, so I hate to interrupt, but unless you intend to catch the bales as I throw them down, you might want to stand off to the side a little.”

   “Oh! No, nooooo! I wasn’t! I was just…” Just what, you idiot? “I’m sorry, Luke, I wasn’t checking out your ass, I was just studying your aura.” Oh, yeah, now that’s a much better answer. I’m sure he’ll believe that one!

   “Uh, never mind,” Sadira said, blushing and shaking her head. “I’ll just get out of the way or, better yet, I think I’ll go up to the house and see if I can find Number What’s-his-name.”

   “Five,” Luke reminded her, chuckling.

   “Right!” Sadira waved her acknowledgment as she swiftly exited the barn. As she neared the house, a fat black cat with four white paws emerged from beneath the front porch.

   “Number Five, I presume.”



About the Author

South Florida resident, Shannon Emmel, has been an avid reader since childhood. She began writing in college at the suggestion of her literature professor, and was published soon after.

She became intrigued with psychic phenomena and other metaphysical topics more than twenty years ago, when she began trying to understand her own psychic gifts. Although she receives messages in other ways, her tools of choice are Runes and The Tarot.

Over the years, Shannon has met and worked with many of her Angels, Guides and Spirits and considers herself truly blessed to have among her constant guardians an Archangel, a Dragon and a ‘parking angel’ named Clarissa!


Author’s Notes on Touch Me Not and other recommended reads...

While Touch Me Not is a work of fiction based on the origins and mythology created by Jasmine-Jade Enterprises™ for The Lotus Circle™ imprint, the ideas and concepts contained within it are grounded in fact.

The laws of attraction and synchronicity, the energy fields, or auras, which surround all things, and the ability to heal by touch have been recognized for centuries and have all been documented in modern times. Likewise, the use of the Tarot and astrology as forecasting tools dates back to ancient Egypt, but present-day practitioners can be found in cities all around the world.

If you’ve been intrigued by Sadira’s journey and want to learn more about the principles and practices mentioned, here are some non-fiction books from The Lotus Circle™, that you won’t want to miss!

For modern interpretation and application of traditional tarot principles, I recommend Tarot of The Lotus Circle, by Marilyn Campbell.

Whether you’re already a believer in metaphysical practices, or if you’re still a skeptic, I recommend Meta-Physical Fitness: Ten Commandments for Spiritual Being, also by Marilyn Campbell. But, a word of caution…This book might just change the way you look at life!

In the fiction category, look for, Dreams of You (Leilani’s story), and Gypsy Woman (Rainy’s story), both by Campbell del Rio


Also from TLC...


Kudos to Gail, whose debut novel, Leaves in the Wind, received 4  1/2 stars from RTBook Reviews!

Complete Tarot of the Lotus Circle starter kit.

TO GO Books from TLC!



Oh, I almost forgot! Antonella Kopelakis, Sadira’s eccentric and disgustingly rich friend wants to let you know that she’ll be back for more in Midas Touch, by Shannon Emmel.  Antonella has the ability to see past, present and future events by touching a person or object. She also has a natural talent for making money. The two make a combination that someone wants at any price and whether the cost is Antonella’s heart, or her life, is in the hands of fate.


Until next time, remember…Everyone needs a little TLC!