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If you're not interested in the personal 'gushings' then check out the regular photo gallery for the fun 'AUTHOR STUFF'.  If you're family or a close friend, here's the latest...


WOW! Time really flies!

Below was Elijah at around 2yrs... now, he's 11 and his baby brother is the age he was in these photos! New paragraph

Happy Easter  Blast from the Past!

Elijah in his Easter duds...


February 14th, 2008  



Elijah (in the red shirt) and his Mommie (ALSO in red) at his first Valentine's Day Party at  'school'. Needless to say, sugar was BIG on the menu!



Of course ... Nana had to be there, too!

December 25th, 2007- Four Generations at Christmas. 

                "God bless us everyone..."


Great Grandma looks GREAT!!!



 Elijah with his mother, Danielle.



Elijah with his Grandmother, ME!!!(aka 'Nanna')



Elijah with his Great-Grandmother, (aka: Grandma)


 Town of Palm Beach Christmas Tree Lighting...



 The Main Attraction...



Elijah and his 'Nanna' (with fellow board member, Patti Sans) wait for the big guy in red to arrive...



King's Academy Choir entertains the crowd...



Ho! Ho! Ho!!! Elijah gets his chance to  rub elbows with "The Boss"



 Just kickin' back!!

Elijah's 2nd Birthday Party...






Only 2 and the chicks are already circling...So many women, so little time! 



"Got my bike and my back pack...WHO NEEDS SHOES?!!!"

Halloween 2007



Young Harry Potter (aka: my grandson, Elijah!)



My daughter, Danielle & Elijah



Harry & his mom...



Time to  eat the candy....



Relaxing with a cauldron of candy & 'Elmo'

My grandson, Elijah, attended his first Miami Dolphins football game...

We started with the usual Tailgating ritual, complete with sporting activities...

Followed by the pre-game festivities...

Then it was on to the game itself and, like a typical guy, he was TOTALLY focused on what was happening on the field.

But in the end...

(What can I say? It was a night game and he's not even TWO yet!)